Diet Quality Indicators

Analysis guide describing how to calculate diet quality indicators from DQQ data

The diet quality questionnaire (DQQ) is designed to provide information on diet quality, including nutrient adequacy and dietary risk factors for NCDs, as well as aspects of diets related to the nutrition transition, and to sustainability.

  • The MDD-W is an indicator of nutrient adequacy for women of reproductive age (age 15-49 years)

  • The GDR score is an indicator of adherence to global dietary recommendations, composed of dietary risk factors associated positively and negatively with NCDs.

The DQQ also provides information on minimal adherence to food-based dietary guidelines, and consumption of ultra-processed foods.

The 29 food groups of the DQQ are often informative themselves, providing information such as the proportion of the population consuming sugar-sweetened beverages, processed meats, salty packaged snacks, and fruits and vegetables.

An example of insights from nationally representative DQQ data collected in 2021

Photo credits: Photo 1 Adobe stock, photo 2 taken in Ghana by Betül Uyar